The Art of Properly Lighting a Cuban Cigar

Smoking an AUTHENTIC CUBAN CIGAR is a sublime experience and   Havana Bob of The Green House Garden and Patios in Cozumel, Mexico at  http://cozumelcigarbars is always delighted to show his customers the proper method of lighting a cigar.  Havana Bob has traveled to Cuba many times and has met with several of the Cuban cigar manufacturers.  He is a wealth of knowledge and pleased to share his knowledge with anyone interested in learning more about Cuban cigars!

Step One – NEVER use a Zippo type lighter or book matches.  The Zippo type lighters leave an aftertaste in the tobacco from the lighter fluid and the book matches create a sulfur taste in the cigar.   Instead, use either a butane torch lighter or stick type matches.  Some enthusiastic cigar aficionados even use cedar planks to light their Cuban cigars in hopes that it will enhance the flavor of their cigars. Whether you use a torch (most common), stick matches, or cedar, this will ensure that no foreign flavors become mixed with your Cuban cigar flavor.

Step Two – Toasting the Cigar – Using the torch in one hand and holding the cigar in the other hand, burn the outer leaf (wrapper) all the way around the end of the cigar.  Doing this is beneficial for a couple of reasons. The initial burn releases the oils from the outer leaf and by burning all the way around, you are assured of an even burn.  The initial burn also prevents those first puffs from tasting burnt since the tobacco has already been burned during the toasting process.

Step Three – Once you have completed the initial burn/toasting and are sure you have burned the cigar completely around the end, you are ready for the next step.  Holding the cigar in your mouth and with the torch lit, draw in rapid, short puffs as you rotate the cigar in a complete circle.  This process is yet another safeguard to ensure your Cuban cigar burns evenly.

Step Four – Sit back, relax, and enjoy the bouquet and finish of each draw on your fine authentic Cuban cigar!

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